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Orbita, 2016

Orbita, comprises of two, open-weaved spheroid structures intended to act as a visual conversation between the cosmos with which I associated as a masculine characteristic and the human body, associated with the feminine. Made of industrial steel strap and displayed to mirror and almost be within touching distance of each other, its linear skeletons of carved and rolled steel form internals circles, funnels and cavities, reference the bifurcated sculptures of Barbara Hepworth. With their straps connected by metal rods, glinting washers and sandblasted dome nuts, Orbita’s see-through forms are at once solid and pliable: the viewer’s visual and physical negotiation of them serves to emphasise their fluidity. The masculine strap, printed with a feminine lace pattern of pearlised pigment, bows as it comes into contact with the hard surface of the gallery floor. 

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