Unskinned Corsetry, 2018

Unskinned Corsetry, is the assemblage of a sound machine in a non-verbal conversation with a static, brass spherical sculpture which has been laced with a crude bitumen screen print, illustrating sections of a woman’s dress makers pattern; moulded into a de-skinned body that reflects ideas of corsetry and engineering. Unskinned corsetry is the setting of two turntables; stationed on its rotational front is an attached wooden appendage connected to a sharpened nail, piercing a copper plate, amplifying therapeutic and rhythmic soundscapes, dictating the echo within the space from the metal nail, exploring and conversing with the orbicular brass form in an attempt to amplify the suppression of the female voice, translating the smothered claustrophobia of the tighten sculpture

Yazmin Boyle /  Maker / Researcher